Coffee In Cape May

Coffee is the key to life an sanity. Coffee saves milions of lives daily. Well not really but it sure tastes good. Cape may has no shortage of coffee. WE like to try to hit up a different coffee place each day when we're there.

Avalon Coffee of Cape May

Avalon is the first coffee place we discovered in Cape May, and it's good coffee. We got here every year.

Magic Brain Cafe

Magic Brain is a cool little place near Washington street. They have different coffees in there than I've seen other places and they are very friendly.

Coffee Tyme

They actually have two locations. One one Beach ave which is nice when you go for a morning walk and one at Washington street which is an interesting place to walk around in the morning when it's quiet and not many people are out. The coffee is excellent

Out There Coffee

I had read this place was new last year so of course we had to check it out. It's on Ocean street and nice walk if you take a detour through the neighborhoods of Victorian houses. The coffee was good and I'm looking forward to checking it out again when they've had more time to be established.

Love The Cook

It's not a coffee shop in the same was as the others but it's a neat store that sells coffee, tea and stuff like that. We always have to make a visit here to bring coffee back to the room to have first thing in the morning and buy more bags to bring home with us.

Cape May Fun