Restaurants In Cape May

So you spend the day soaking up the sun and salt water on the beach but then you need to eat. Naturally when on vacation you'd like a drink or two to unwind and relax. Luckily there are many great places on the island for both!

Zoe’s Cape Cafe

Zoe's is located on Beach ave near the convention center. It's perfect for something not to heavy too eat and not too expensive.

It's highly recommended to enjoy at least one sunset and one sunrise over the beach. The western end is the beach near the pavilion is an excellent location to watch the sunset over the Cape May lighthouse


Sometimes you just want something pretty quick and simple. That's the perfect time to get pizza! We stumbled onto Mario's by accident and went back that evening for pizza and were not at all disappointed. They have excellent pizza, some of the best I've had besides in Philly and the garlic knots are awesome too! No, really the garlic knots are the best I've ever had. We've tried them other places closer to home and have always been disappointed. They're fast and the price is more than reasonable for what you get

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is a must do for us when we're in Cape May. They have as you would guess by the name, all kinds of pancakes and other stuff to.

Louie's Pizza

Louie's was good the first couple of times we had it, The last time not so much but it's conveniently very close to beach ave right across the street from the beach

McGlades on the Pier

We've eating at McGlades a few times and it was good. Dinner was good and the drinks were good that went with it but then we saw or should I say smelled their omelets. They have an amazing variety of omelets. Great place to start the day or end the day with a good meal and view of the beach. There's something special about listening to the waves crash while drinking coffee in the morning


Carney's is a mandatory visit for us when we're in Cape May. Great burgers and fries and good drinks. It's a fun place to unwind after a hot day on the beach.

Harry's Ocean Bar & Grille

Harry's is a cool places at the Montreal Beach Resort. Food was really good and the drinks were good. We're looking forward to trying out the rooftop bar when next time as long as we're not too sunburnt like last time. Great place to go the hit up the liquor store on the way out

The Ugly Mug

We visit The Ugly Mug every year. The food and drinks have been inconstantly good. It's nice to eat and drink outside and watch the people walking by on Washington Street.

Delaney Irish Pub & Grill

Delaney's is another one of the places we tend to visit every year. The food has always been good and the drinks are good.. maybe a little too good. :)

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