Things To Do In Cape May

We try to do a couple of things when we're in Cape may other than relax or wander around the town and see all the cool gardens and Victorian houses

Cape May Beaches

Obviously, you're going to enjoy the beach. isn't that the main draw of going down the shore? They're beaches have always been very clean with very astute lifeguards in the summer when we're there and not overly crowded. During the day you do have to have a beach pass which you do have to buy but it's not all that expensive and keeping things nice and protected does cost the city money. I've never felt the need to worry about our stuff getting stolen like we always did in other places we've gone.

Even as I write this A am imagining the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and feeling the cool sea breeze blowing in my face. Can hear the kids and people having fun enjoying the sunshine and i can imagine hearing the occasinal seagull.

It's highly recommended to enjoy at least one sunset and one sunrise over the beach. The western end is the beach near the pavilion is an excellent location to watch the sunset over the Cape May lighthouse

Jet Boat

We do the jet boat every time we're there and it's different every time. All but one time we got to see the dolphins up close. Last year we didn't but that meant more speed and 360s because the ocean was too choppy. The Captain is very knowledgeable and explains what you see. The speed and 360s are lots of fun! There's also a very cool geocache at the marina this boat leaves from.

Cape May Whale Watcher

Last time we were in cape may it happened to be on my birthday and Molly wanted to do something special for me. She took me on the Cape May Whale Watcher sunset cruise. We enjoyed a few adult beverages from the bar, saw the dolphins up close and enjoyed a very nice sunset over the bay which I'd never experienced before. We certainly look forward to doing it again sometime! This is highly recommended

Cape May Lighthouse

Climbing up into the lighthouse is a great experience. It's a really outstanding 360 degree view of the area. Cool to imagine what it was like when the lighthouse keeper had to go up there.

Washington Street Mall

Washington Street Mall is a fun place to go check out the neat little stores or eat at the many restaurants then grab desert at the ice cream shops. It's relaxing to people watch. It really gets busy in the evening after the lifeguards leave the beach.

Cape May Fun